Yoga+Sound Bath Monday December 2.

December 2, 2019 Yoga + Sound Bath Event. (5pm-6:30pm)

Kick off the Holiday Season with more clarity, light, and inner peace. We will get the fire going, twinkle lights on, and settle into the warm darkness of our cozy Hall.

I will be teaching a gentle movement yoga class for 30-45 minutes starting at 5pm. (arrive around 4:45 to get your space ready). At the end of our yoga class, we will set up and enter Shavasana, then the Sound Bath will begin. Our musician guest Shireen (see description below) will be here from Bend, offering us a relaxing, healing experience through her music.

From Shireen:

In this integrative yoga and sound healing experience, tune into your own body and soul with stillness and intention. Shireen will offer a shower, swirl, and massage of sound using crystal bowls, a tongue drum, Native American buffalo drum and flute, voice and more. Be ushered into a nurturing space of deep relaxation and receive vision, healing, and rejuvenation!

Please bring your supplies for a comfortable hour in Shavasana like position. (yoga mat, camping pad, blankets, pillows, eye mask, etc.)

Shireen Amini is a musician / singer-songwriter based in Bend, Oregon whose performance career has interwoven with her passion for healing and indigenous wisdom through the development of “music medicine” offerings. With her background in world music, drum circle facilitation, and sound healing, experiencing music medicine with Shireen is both exciting and soul-nourishing. Shireen also leads the successful Bend-based Latin band ¡Chiringa! and performs conscious world-soul-pop in her own solo project.

an except from my experience at the Telluride Yoga Festival June 2019

The weekend closed with a class Sound Bath (no idea what this is but sounds like you just lay there and listen..Gongs…big and little..Bowls…sounds…as my mind traveled with our storyteller through the cosmos, landing on Jupiter, Venus and Neptune..Yes it sounds far out there and it was…but they completely

had my attention. We gathered diamonds and implanted them in our souls. “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” was the mantra…This hour long class was way beyond anything I had done before..laying on my mat, covered with a blanket, listening to the sounds and words as I let my mind… transformational.

I hope you can join us. I am offering this to the Camp Sherman community first, then Sisters folks, if room. Please pass along to all that may be interested. Suggested donation for yoga+sound bath is $20 with all proceeds going to cover the musicians travel and talent.

RSVP now, as Space is limited; [email protected]