We are OPEN fully as of May 1 (massage with prescription)


How are you feeling these days?

Are you ready for some care?

I’m very excited to say that since May 1, since non-urgent healthcare opened up per the Governor, we are ready to see you!!!

Dr. Pett and I have been seeing some patients each week over the course of the past 8 or 9 weeks of the stay at home order but we are excited that we are now able to open up more fully.

We are doing all we can to keep our office safe, hand washing and sanitizing all the time, minimizing congregations in the office with online scheduling and payment options, and we are wearing cloth masks that a patient made for us.

Additionally we have not seen or heard of any folks in our area that have Coronavirus. Of course we still need mass testing but until that day comes, we are being as safe as we possibly can.

You can schedule online here: www.blackbuttechiropractic.com.

Massage is still only available by prescription by Dr. Sarah, Dr. Pett, or through your primary care provider. The prescription defines medical necessity.

Our focus, in our clinic, is education. We will be continuing to encourage folks to think critically during this time, to improve immune system function as best we know how, through eating well, thinking well, and moving well and through getting outside.  If our immune systems are strong, we will have a better chance of fighting off the virus.

I’m excited to announce a few more resources to get you more on track:

  1. Eating well: stock your pantry with Patagonia Provisions (yes the same company that we love for down jackets and fishing waders). www.patagoniaprovisions.com.They make healthy nutritious food to stock your pantries with plus they are aligned environmentally. The way to protect the planet is through food. What we eat and how it was made and packaged have huge impacts on our environment. Come it and get a free bar or seed snack sample.
  2. Eating well for the planet: buy locally grown, support local business and nourish your body with goodness. Go to THE STAND which is right behind our office, in a kiddy corner way, on Adams street and get your fresh local produce. They have a smooth self check out system. I am so very happy about this!!! Check out THE STAND, open 9am-7pm everyday.
  3. Have trouble sleeping? You are not alone. Sleep issues are on the rise these days. That’s why Audible put together a soothing sleep series of bedtime stories (including a sound bath, my fav) that free and easy for you. Check it out at www.audible.com
  4. Get outside and breathe in some dirt, air and sunshine. The perfect recipe for improving your immune system through growing and improving your gut micro-biome. We literally live in God’s country, or whatever higher power you relate to. We are the lucky ones, living in such a clean environment. Simply get outside everyday and your mind and body will thank you!

WE LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see you and hear your Coronavirus and Stay at Home stories about life, love, and homeschooling.

Schedule online at www.blackbuttechiropractic.com

All of us at Black Butte wish you Wellness,

Dr. Sarah, Dr. Kevin, Chandra, Nylissa and Jackie