Time to turn off the news. Just do it!

1:5 ratio

I recently heard of this concept, the 1:5 ratio.

Can’t really remember where, as my brain and body have been swirling around in a snow globe these past 10 weeks loosening up the prior grips of day and time.

But as I started to slip, I then slipped. Felt the yuck, the toxicity and recommitted to getting back on track. I had to try, again, implementing the 1:5 ratio.

The 1:5 ratio means that for every one unit of negative content we consume, we have to consume 5 units of positive content to keep the balance.

For every one hour of news or negative content, we need to consume 5 hours of positive content or activity.

Have you heard of negativity bias?

How we as humans, as part of our DNA, hard wired for survival, allow negativity and negative thought patterns to run the show.

This is why, often times when we look back at certain periods in our lives we can easily recall the bad things that happened to us and have to pause to collect our positive experiences from the same time.

Negativity sticks to us like teflon.

Positivity doesn’t stick as well. That’s why we have to out do with positivity  by five times, our consumption of negativity.

If we don’t. We get sucked in. Sucked into the fear, the depression, the panic, the anxiety. We become addicted to the negativity and give away our power.

I know this because I recently allowed myself to binge on the news and negativity. I also allowed myself to binge on sugar and caffeine. I did this for 2 days, I overdid it. 

To top it off, I was also listening to two dark books, one about schizophrenia and one about a murderer/pedophile. As if I needed to jack myself up more.

Then I realized that I have been more cranky with my kids and husband. I’m feeling my heart race and my breath getting shorten more. Panic attack? I feel my jaw clench, my neck tighten, my shoulders up, my armor on.

Just last week and the week before that, I was in the flow, feeling free with more energy. Creating, listening and thinking.

What changed?

My consumption of negativity changed.

I over did it. Over indulged. I forgot about the 1:5 ratio. Mine had jumped to a tipping point.

And now I need to get back.

1:5 ratio.

Playing catch up.

Here’s what I do to bring the positive flow back:

  • exercise
  • read an inspiring biography or poetry
  • listen to a positive book or podcast
  • connect with children, family, friend.
  • play with puppy or cat
  • meditate/pray/have quiet time
  • serve others
  • write a letter or card
  • clean, declutter your desk
  • prep food, chop veggies
  • cook, bake
  • play a game, do a puzzle, color
  • rest
  • be outside
  • find joy, what can I do right now that’s joyful.

I get it.

Right here, right now, in this world and coronavirus, it takes about the attention span of a flea to shift from one negative thought to another. It’s bad. It’s scary, there’s no denying that.

Some days may seem like a battle, an internal battle trying to bring back the positive mojo. That’s ok. Just stay the course and remind yourself of the 1:5 ratio. Remind yourself that you are in charge, that you get to run the show on the inside. Slowly but surely your life will change towards one that flows with grace and ease rather than one racked by fear and negativity.

There’s help. I’m here. You got this!