Your health is up to you! Start here.

Your health and wellness starts with you!

Want to strengthen up your immune system?

By now, you probably realize that it’s up to you. Your health and your wellness are 100% up to you and your choices. Let’s face it. There are no panacea drugs or vaccines that will make you healthy. There is no wellness pill. Health comes from within.

It’s up to you.

What choices will you make?

Let me help guide you towards making better choices for yourself.

Behavior tip: we are creatures of habit. Rather than removing the bad things (like sugar in all of it’s forms), add in more of the good things. Out compete the good with the bad and slowly the bad habits will fade away. Stay the course. This is a lifetime journey.

Stay away from sabotage. Let’s face it, sometimes we fall off the wagon. We eat too much sugar, watch too much netflix  and consume too much news. Don’t judge yourself when this happens. Simply decide to choose something different next time.

Try the 1:5 ratio. For every one bad habit, add in five good habits. For every piece of chocolate, eat 5 pieces of fruit. For every one hour of news, listen to 5 hours of positive content. If you have a beer, have 5 glasses of water.

Here are some ideas for your 1:5 ratio:

EAT WELL and gulp water.

  • Consume nutrient dense food, grown locally whenever possible. Fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, meats, eggs, dairy,
  • Consume roughly 3 liters of water per day. GULP it.
  • Take supplements like vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc. Have a conversation with a health care provider about your specific needs.
  • Reduce intake of processed foods (reduces intake of sugar and sodium). Replace white sugar with honey or maple syrup, when possible. Replace white flour with almond or coconut flour when possible.
  • Consume healthy fats: wild caught salmon and fish with low toxic load like sardines, mackerel, mussels.
  • Eat fermented foods, like sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha.


  • Walk or hike a mile or more a day outside.
  • Exercise inside on a bike trainer or treadmill.
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch, if you’re over 30 years old, daily stretching has to be a habit. See a chiropractor or other practitioner trained in movement and yoga for stretches specific to your needs.
  • Use a foam roller if you are able to. It takes a certain amount of strength and flexibility to use a foam roller. If you can, use it. If you are can’t then start with tennis balls in targeted spots.
  • In pain or having trouble getting started, see a chiropractor to help with a pain reduction strategy, to give gentle therapeutic stretches, and to coach you through the initial phase.


  • Familiarize yourself with your internal story line, is it positive or negative? Use the 1:5 ratio, for every negative influence you strive to out do it by 5 positive influences. For every hour of news you watch, you have to consume 5 hours of positive content. Learn about how we are hardwired for negativity as a survival means however we, as modern humans, get to change the story if we want to. It’s your choice. See a mental health coach or chiropractor to help change your tune.
  • 20 minutes of quiet time everyday. This can be in the form of prayer, reflection, meditation, driving in your car silently, walking mindfully.
  • Practice gratitude everyday. Have a notebook on your nightstand and write down 5 things you are grateful for at the end of each day.
  • Appreciate yourself. When you start to feel overwhelmed with your life and you start to judge yourself for not being enough, try to stop and recognize your thoughts and switch the story to appreciation. Keep it simple. I appreciate that I fed my kids breakfast. I appreciate my willingness to learn. I appreciate that I got up early today, etc.
  • Get help. Hire a counselor to help you work out your past. Hire a coach to  propel you forward either in life or business. Fast track your mindset and be rewarded.


Get outside! Take in the dirt and the sunshine and improve your immune system by increasing the micobiome in your gut (the good bacteria) and by increasing Vitamin D levels.

Remember, help is close if you need a little guidance to jump start your health.

Dr. Sarah

Black Butte Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage