Cleanse Day 4: sluggish feelings, habits revealed, slowing down and softening

We are ready for something new, fresh and we want it NOW.

Has this showed up for you during  your Cleanse?

Yesterday, which was day 4 for me, was a challenge. I felt sluggish. I was home with my family (not on cleanse) and I found myself engaging in some interesting inner dialogue.

Normally I would eat kids left overs, like whatever was left on their plates  I would eat and count it as a meal. Yesterday I resisted the urge and made myself my own meal after I fed my kids.

This is a terrible habit and when I studied it deeper yesterday I came to a couple of conclusions:

“I am worthy of eating healthy food.”

“It’s worth taking the time to make food that nourishes my body and helps my mind function better. I don’t need to rush it. Really, what could be more important than this!”

“Yes, the sugar will fell good in the moment but I don’t want to deal with the swings for the rest of the day.”

“I’d really love a piece of cheese right now.” Quick, dense calories that can keep me going for awhile. I liked challenging myself to find something that would satisfy this craving. I made some almond flour bread and added almond butter to it (took some time but was rewarding). When I’d feel the cheese craving come on, I’d slice a little bit of the almond bread and add a little nut butter and feel satiated in the moment.

What’s come up for you?

Any challenges or struggles so far?

Slow it down.

Soften it up.

These two actions: slowing down and softening are the backbone of the cleanse.

Slowing down (cooking and creating healthy food takes time and I am worth it). Slowing down is a mindfulness practice. I want to be more mindful of what I am feeding my body and mind.

Softening (getting mad or frustrated with myself or others is a waste of my energy. What happens if I just soften in this moment rather than tensing up? What if?) When that tension pops up, try to make your body softer by moving it, by asking questions, by taking a hot bath, by reading a good book.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really like this podcast called On Being by Krista Tippet. The episode this week is particularly fitting.

It’s about what has happened to our nervous systems during the pandemic (social isolation has been terrible for our nervous systems collectively.) Lack of touch and will be researched for years to come. We seek connection with other kind soft humans rather than isolating socially. We can’t change this part of our DNA. This is how our nervous system works and grows and adapts. This is the opposite of what has been socially acceptable during the pandemic. To go against our very nature, tightens us up as we resist it, naturally.

Guess what? The hormonal cascade that happens during physical touch has the power to not only calm our nervous systems but to also boost our immune systems.

Slowing it down

and softening your body and soul (feeling calm/peace in the face of stress rather than tension/resistance) Softening means being kind to yourself, actually being the KINDest to yourself.

During this cleanse it can feel like a lot of eliminating. That hit me hard yesterday.

I felt frustrated with low energy. I tried some new things to manage these emotions rather than seeking sugar. (new recipe, exercise, nap)

All of this eliminating is creating space for something new.

What’s new for you?

One idea: touch.

If you live with other people, hug them more, touch them more. My 10 year old and I held hands as we walked the other day. I am giving my friend who lost her husband to cancer 3 weeks ago, hugs. We decided it would be ok while wearing masks. When I hug her she nearly collapses. Perhaps there is a friend of yours that is hug deprived. Perhaps ask, is it ok if I give you a hug?

Other ideas for getting in more touch:

commit to getting body work: massage, chiropractic, facial, pedicure.

Get a cat or dog and touch them often.

Take a bath and feel the water touch you and calm you.

Hmmm, do I eat sugar when I am actually craving touch? What’s that about? Time to get curious.