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“The only constant in life is change.” right? right!

Can you feel it? In the air? The change?

When we stop and pay attention, we notice it’s everywhere right now.

From the slightly cooler temps, warm windy breezes…fall reminds us she’s coming..

From the school supplies, and alarm settings, to the morning frenzy routine…off to school…

and to changes just our own our own lives…right now..

Transitions challenge us by encouraging us or by forcing us to get uncomfortable and change.

From the palpable anxiety of the new kids at school to my own daughters tantrums at the slightest over schedule.

How I can relate!

Inside this grown up body sometimes I want to run and hide or scream from the discomfort of change.

Years of experience with transitions, however,  has taught me that the more I resist it, the more tight and grumpy I get. The more I can LET GO and just be with the ride of the transition, trusting that my landing spot is there, ahead, attracting me..grounding me, I feel free, happy and loved.

During these times I’ve started to pay more and more attention to the familiar ways my body feels during these transitions..the butterflies creep in, the vice around my heart tightens, my jaws clench, heels dig in…not good body feelings…as I try to resist…..change that is going to happen anyways..CHANGE THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ANYWAYS and I stop myself from trying to control something that cannot be controlled and I start to let go…to really let go…and to let go some more…

Sometimes I can redirect my discomfort quickly and sometimes it takes hours…but eventually it happens when I begin to implement habits that cause me to I want to feel. See my post : 10 Ways I Help Myself Feel How I Want to Feel

Somedays I do a few of these, somedays I do all of them.

How do you nourish yourself?

please share, I’d love to know.

Dr. Sarah

eat well, move well, think well

Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography