10 ways I Help Myself Feel…How I Want to Feel.

How do I want to feel? Have you ever asked yourself this and really listened to the answer. How do I want to feel? How do you want to feel? What do I want to feel more of in my life? What do you want to feel more of in your life?

For me, some examples are:

I want to feel more connected.

I want to feel more abundant so I can give more.

I want to feel free and alive.

I want to feel present and at peace.

I want to feel nourished and loved.

How do I help myself feel these ways? The answer is by doing more things that create similar feelings inside like being nourished, feeling loved, peace, calm…

1. spend time in nature.

2. take a warm bath

3. inhale therapeutic essential oils throughout the day

4. read a book or listen to an inspiring talk or podcast.

5. be present with my kids and spouse…really listen, show up, and hold space for them.

6. have a conversation with my dogs

7. lay in a restorative yoga pose for 3 minutes

8. take a really nice long deep breath and slowly exhale

9. get bodywork like chiropractic care, massage, or acupuncture.

10. drink tea with a friend

Somedays I do a few of these, somedays I do all of them.

How do you nourish yourself?

please share, I’d love to know.

Dr. Sarah