Fever! Cabin Fever!

What is this? What does this mean? Whatever it actually is… I’m pretty sure most folks living where I live have it or are suffering from it.

It occurs when we are home bound, snowed in, not going anywhere out there…It occurs when taking care of the house becomes our major task of the day, shoveling, digging out, tending fires and feeding bellies.

Cabin fever happens to the body..(see my last blog post..) from too much shoveling, too many hours spent on the couch, in the house, bending, lifting, twisting…
“when this tightness happens in the body , it happens in the mind too.” but cabin fever mostly happens in the mind.
What happens to the mind?
I’m not really sure but I think it has to do with our attachment to routines, checking off to-do-lists, working, feeling productive, being social, running around…..(you are not alone, we ALL do this!)

Do all these things make us look like hamsters on the wheel? When Mother Nature strikes in a big way and forces us to take a break (get off the wheel) we are so dizzy spinning we can’t even think straight?

I listened to a podcast in December, before the holidays, about how this time of year is about rest. Rest? What? A month ago I was thinking no way….I have a to-do- list !!!
After that podcast, I took a deep breath and realized that my to-do-list would make an awesome fire starter. So that’s where it went…up in flames..and yes…it felt gooooood! Really good!

I keep coming back to this podcast message…to this feeling of maybe…just maybe…that doing less..of resting…of letting go…really letting it go….might be of value to me. Might actually be something good for me. (let me say that I am a complete amateur at resting outside of sleep…but I am making little bits of progress…..slowly..)

When I’m talking about rest here I not talking about laying on the couch napping all day. I am referring to the type of brain rest that happens when all of the chitter chatter that clouds our thoughts vanishes and our endless to do list…gets placed in the tiny wood stove section within the deep abyss of the brain reserved for all things to be lit on fire.
For me meditation and yoga help my brain get there. Inhaling essential oils help my brain get there..Physical exercise also helps my brain get there. Especially exercise in the elements like nordic skiing. Just some ideas…

The value in rest, from what I’ve experienced so far, is that rest actually puts us into the present moment. Rest takes us out of the worry state which is focused on the future and out of the angst state which is focused on the past. Rest takes us deeper into the calming blanket of the present. Taking rest we sense that all is well. That things are going to be OK. That we are OK and that knowing ourselves, resting with ourselves is a journey worth going on.

When I am in the present, I feel more joy. When I am in the present, my awareness expands and I can dream and create. When I allow myself to daydream and feel more creative…I also feel more inspired and grateful. There seems to be a whole cascade of feelings that I want to feel, feeling good, once I rest, held loved in the present.

So while we get hit with another 18 inches of snow tonight and Mother Nature says…Ha Ha! you WILL rest and be in the present…I smile an inner smile and think…Ah Yes! this is exactly what I have been looking for.