How does Massage Relate to Chiropractic Care?

massage and chiropractic care in Sisters Oregon
Guest Post by Shena Fields, LMT
Massage and chiropractic work well together to promote healing from stress and injury. The spine, soft tissue and all supporting structures rely on each other to function properly and, in some injuries, they all suffer together.
Massage therapy can be employed both before and after chiropractic. Before, it prepares and warms the soft tissue for the chiropractic adjustment. After, it softens muscle tissue to reduce spasms. The positive results of chiropractic last longer when massage releases muscle tension so that it doesn’t pull the body back out of alignment.
A muscle stuck in its contracted state cannot do its job and is more resistant to the treatments offered by chiropractic. Massage addresses soft tissue tightness using various forms of pressure and pulling to knead the muscles back into their relaxed state.  Once this state is restored, the muscles can then contract-and-relax more easily to create pain-free movement and allow maximum benefit from chiropractic work. When injuries result in reduced range of motion, massage—in conjunction with spinal adjustments—can improve mobility and flexibility by helping impacted soft tissue areas release their excess tension.
In addition, extra benefits are possible when your chiropractor and massage therapist can share with each other their unique insights into your hard and soft tissue issues and create a coordinated treatment plan.
For over 17 years I’ve helped my clients from 5 to 101 years old to heal from the injuries, tightness, sore muscles and everyday wear and tear from their jobs and from chores around the house and yard. I’ve also helped athletes and recreation enthusiasts both avoid and heal from injuries while training for and enjoying their favorite sports. My massage work helps clients minimize down time and maximize their enjoyment of a full and active life.
Shena Fields, LMT
offering massage within Bigfoot Wellness with chiropractors Sarah Conroy DC and Ann Griffith DC