A-bun-dancing? What?



Break it down


A-Bun-dancing…now that brings a smile to my face.

Why this word? Abundance, Abundant. Well it’s one of my core desired feelings. This year I was introduced to the works of Danielle La Porte. She has come up with the concept of core desired feelings…and if we center our lives around these feelings, then we will have more of them and thus…get closer to living the life we want.

I have been a serial goal setter..you might relate. Set a goal, meet the goal, and now what..set another goal, meet the goal, repeat.

Maybe your goal is to get good grades, hike the PCT, travel to Costa Rica, buy a new sofa…

Many times after reaching a particular goal, I would feel the natural high for a day or so and then go back to feeling pretty much the same and back to figuring out the next goal..

Kind of like new years resolutions..

(Did you have one this year? Still working out for you?)

I’d end up feeling a bit empty again or lost without my next goal..

Here enters the concept of core desired feelings.

I took some time, months in fact, to figure out 3-4 core feelings I want to feel more of in my day to day life and feeling more Abundant is one of them..

At first glance, feeling abundant might involves strives for financial abundance. And while financial abundance is desirable on many levels, we all know or have seen millionaires or even bajillion-aires that look or give off the vibe of being anything but abundant.

To me feelings of abundance bring to mind a cup, a big mug of coffee or tea or latte etc..that is so filled to the brim that it is spilling over…not too much..but a trickle..enough where the liquid leaves a mark on the counter or desk and needs to be wiped up.

That’s how I want my heart to feel. I want to feel like my cup is full and slightly brimming over, on the inside.

ok..now time to translate this metaphor to real life.

Too often in life we come from a place of feeling empty, feeling scarce. Never enough time, never enough money, never enough compassion, never enough this or that.

What if, just if, we started to change that story, moment by moment?

I believe that, in fact I know that, we all have a strong desire as humans to be heard. To actually be heard. To give another human our complete undistracted attention, to actually listen to another person..to give this gift, if we all had this gift to give, world peace might actually happen…but world peace begin with us, with me and if I can experience more peace inside, then my family experiences more peace, my patients experience more peace, my community experiences more peace, my world experiences more peace.

You’ve heard the expression “Peace begins with me.” That’s one song I remember from my childhood church goings..”Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Finally I get it.

For me, feeling more abundant helps me experience more peace.

So how do I feel more abundant?

by noticing more, by observing more abundance all around me.

My abundant trigger is nature. Spending time with my children can also be a great abundant trigger since their cup tends to be full more of the time. Full of play and love and giving. Ah…they are here to teach me so much!

Coming back to nature..

Notice more details, notice the feathers on the ground.

Spring fed rivers, wildflowers, birds, pollen, butterfly swarms..

When I sit on the banks of a spring fed river flowing freely and abundantly with swarms of butterflies and swifts swirling around me…I cannot help but feel like this is full…this is a full cup. Mother Nature is brimming over with abundance and if we take the time to notice, we can start to brim over too.

And since I’m human, I realize this is a practice. A daily practice. Somedays I don’t feel abundant. Somedays I really have to work at keeping my cup even a quarter full. Step one of the practice is to notice when your cup starts to empty. When I start to full the grumps mentally or when I start to feel tension creep into my body from jaw clenching or some other stress response from feelings of lack, if I can notice that, I can say to myself “hey, stop, take a break, look around, notice the abundance around you, Sarah,  give it attention and gratitude. repeat. repeat.” And at that moment, my cup starts to fill up again.

What fills up your cup?

Maybe it’s some nature time, maybe it’s more time with your family or others you love, maybe it’s time with your pets, maybe it’s exercise or preparing a healthy meal..?

Whatever it is for you, do more of that and repeat!

Bit by bit we can reduce our own suffering and help to reduce the suffering of others and maybe even reduce the suffering of our communities, country and world.

and if you’d like to check out the core desired feelings thing, Danielle La Porte is the lady to follow.

xo Sarah