Online Scheduling Rocks!


While I’ve resisted so much of the new technology for years, I am very happy to announce that our clinic Bigfoot Wellness has moved to an online scheduling platform. I love it! We have been using it for about one month now, kinks seem to be worked out, and currently it’s smooth sailing.

So grab your tea or coffee or beer and sit by your computer and schedule away!

I cannot tell you how many times at 9pm at night I’ve wanted to book a hair appointment, vet appointment, chiropractic appointment for myself and wish that I could…instead of writing it in my planner (or forgetting to write it in my planner) and making time to make a phone call, playing phone tag, and finally getting in for the appointment I desire..Now, at least booking for chiropractic is a little bit easier for you!

What this means for you, our patient, is that you can go online at anytime and schedule an appointment for chiropractic care. For current patients, just click on the Follow-Up appointment box and you’ll be directed to pick out a 30 minute appointment slot. For new patients, patients not seen before by either myself or Ann Griffin DC, pick the new patient appointment box and you will be directed to pick out a 60 minute slot for your appointment.

Cancellations still need to be made 24 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee.

Cancellations CANNOT be made online. You must contact the practitioner to cancel.

That’s it for rules, I believe.

For us, as practitioners, it means that we have more time freedom. We also don’t have to be attached to a paper schedule that can get misplaced.

Massage bookings are currently not available for public bookings. Hopefully the therapists will be able to offer this soon.

If you are interested in booking a massage with your chiropractic appointment or the “combo” treatment as I like to call it, then simply text me at 541-588-2213 and I can see what is available.

I am happy to say that I have moved into present time 2017, no more paper schedule, trusting the technology to make my life and your life easier! It’s working!

You can schedule from my website or through Bigfoot