30 minute appointments

I offer 30 minute-60 minute appointments.


Please note that most chiropractors spend 10 minutes or less with their patients. (Isn’t this true for MDs too). IN fact, a place I used to work just reduced their visits to 5 minutes.

You deserve more. When I get care, I want more than 5 minutes too.


30 minutes:


what do you get:

me, my attention for 30 minutes.

any combination of hot packs, essential oils, CBD massage, spinal adjustments, extremity adjustments, laser therapy, k-taping, exercise-lifestyle advice, stress management, yoga home care stretches.

You get an attentive ear. You get advice on referrals, in office (massage, acupuncture) or out of office.

You will feel cared for.

Current costs when paid for at the time of service, are $75 for 30 minutes and $120-135 for 60 minutes.

We offer online scheduling to make it easy..(through this website) and online payments (coming soon!!)

I accept many private insurance plans, but not all. You’ll need to find out if yours is accepted.

I accept personal injury claims, motor vehicle claims.


For further questions, please give me a ring…or shoot me a text/email.



[email protected]