Telluride Yoga Festival 2019

Telluride Yoga Festival 2019

From June 27 to July 1, I was in Telluride, Colorado attending the Telluride Yoga Festival. I attended 2 years ago and wanted to go again this year so during trip planning for 2019 over New Years, we signed up, me and 2 girlfriends.

We flew into Montrose, Colorado which was just 2 flights away since Untied flies direct from Redmond, Oregon. Goldie, from Missoula, picked us up at the airport and we drove the hour to Telluride, arriving close to midnight. (after chatting w a dude on our flight teaching classes at the festival about nature and yoga and Blissology….hmmm…what’s that??)

Gulping water all day in hopes of keeping a high altitude headache away , Telluride is high…almost 9000 feet so most of us need to acclimatize a bit. Day one I rested after we checked into the festival at the high school and had lunch. I went back to the Airbnb to rest and friends hiked into the high country 10 miles or so… Day 2, feeling good after my day of rest …and off to 8am yoga class to jumpstart the festival. Had no idea what to expect with this style of groove/tribal yoga but while we definitely did many sun salutations, dancing to the music really got the blood flowing. Fun. Music. Yoga. Dancing. Fun. the weekend was off to a great start.

Over the next few days I took about 3 classes a day (you can pick up to 4 with your pass). Some were mellow, some were energetic and empowering. DJ Drez turned me into a fan. I took 4 classes with teachers that had the DJ mixing a combo of hindi + modern tunes, my favorite :for what it’s worth” mixed in Buffalo Springfield…it was masterful.

The weekend closed with a class Sound Bath (no idea what this is but sounds like you just lay there and listen…and that sounds like a good way to close it)..Gongs…big and little..Bowls…sounds…as my mind traveled with our storyteller through the cosmos, landing on Jupiter, Venus and Neptune..Yes it sounds far out there and it was…but they completely had my attention. We gathered diamonds and implanted them in our souls. “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” was the mantra…This hour long class was way beyond anything I had done before..laying on my mat, covered with a blanket, listening to the sounds and words as I let my mind…transformational.

If you want to make a change in your life…you know..of the BIG, EPIC kinds of have to get our of your comfort zone. We’ve all heard “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result equals insanity..”(so why do we see so many “sane” people doing this, myself included?)..or another…you cannot more forward with the same mentality as before. You have to grow and change and make it fresh.

But How? How do we do this? Where do we even start..You first make a commitment to do it…to do one thing soon that gets you out of your comfort zone….then the growth begins!

For me…going to a yoga festival is yes…out of my comfort zone. Yes…I have been practicing yoga in one form or another for 20 years…and have even competed teacher training and taught for 4 years…and yes…it was still out of my comfort zone…Why..? well…well well…maybe it’s all the people in their fancy slim yoga wear, maybe it’s seeing the ego side of the yoga community…honestly I really don’t know why…

But this festival is mellow, not polished, about real growth, transformation, with authentic teachers to guide you.

The festival attracts folks of all ages but has a strong..50+ retired vibe. Lots of couples. Lots of body shapes, styles, outfits and a menu of classes to cater to the whole variety of us. You get the sense that despite all of our differences, this festival is created to unite us. to unite us as we celebrate us…through the music, through the yoga practices.

I digress:
2 yoga people asked me about the festival when I returned…yoga teachers…and asked…is it polished…like is it all beautiful people dressed up in the latest prana or lululemon fashions…posing perfectly on their yoga mats…NOPE…not this one..let me tell you..I was not in the latest yoga fashion..(in fact I am still looking for the right yoga pants for me…or maybe I’ve found them…I was in SWEATPANTS…yep..the ones that look like they are from the 80s with the drawstring..yep…that;s what I am the most comfortable in…) You’ll find that the “true” yoga people or the people on the path towards being the “true” yoga people (I’m here)……don’t care …they only care that you are showing up as you. Because when you show up as YOU, I can show up as ME, and we can show up together…in community…the 100-200 people in class with you (I’m guessing at the numbers, it never felt big or squeezed in)…will not be looking at you, doing the yoga pose, while dancing and singing…inside or outloud. No one is looking, at you (but you) I promise……We all look silly, honestly. but we are getting to a higher place..through the practice, through the music…a higher place towards love of self…and beyond…of uniting for love, acceptance, joy. BLISS…if I can be so bold..


Maybe a yoga festival isn’t it for you…but I encourage you to pick some other kind of festival or way to come together in community. Get out of your comfort zone. Grow and change along with me…be more tolerate, more loving…towards who..? towards YOU…having greater love and tolerance for who you are…will radiate out to all of us and will create more love and tolerance in our communities, in our world.

and this, my friends, is how we will rid ourselves and societies of hate…

by getting out of your comfort zone..
by coming together, uniting for acceptance, love, joy, UNITY……

WILL blow hate out of our galaxy, once and for all.