The Black Butte crew: and how we came together

As mentioned in the post about my journey, I mentioned to Ann of Bigfoot Wellness, at the end of May, that I would not be joining her in her new , to be determined, space. As much as I like Ann and as well as we’ve worked together over the past 3 years, I decided that for me, it was best to disband, especially while on good terms, and create my own space with my vibe. (I was done with my Portland practice (sold in April) and was ready for the next step.). Over the past 3 years, as both of our practices have grown and expanded, we’ve been needing more elbow room. We’d been sharing a room, with rigid set days. Ann at this point had already found another space for herself to work out of, during my days at Bigfoot. She was going back and forth between 2 spaces..At one point, we were going to do a bigger build out for a bigger space together but the more I sat with that, the more I decided it wasn’t going to work for me. The best thing for me to do was to take over the lease in our current space when she moved out at the end of her lease.

I thought this might be another year or so of us sharing a space.

Then early September she contacted me and asked if I would be willing to take over the space sooner rather than later as she wanted to move en mass to her other space and work there full time. I said YES. and we agreed we would try to make this happen by October 1. (I’ve been a busy bee this past month).

First I gathered my crew. I informed Shena and Kevin of the plan and asked them if they wanted to continue on. Both said YES.

Chandra Miller LMT, who I have trained with at the Sisters Athletic Club, was filling in for Desi (lucky to have her)..also said YES.

Desi..we expect back at some point but is busy caring for her parents..

Then Nylissa Wilke (who had contacted me in August about space, before I knew what was happening with the space) and I met and she decided YES she was on board too (her current employer is Shibui where she’s been doing massage and facials)

then our mutual friend Jackie Ankerson LMT (also at Shibui doing massage) said YES..

(there agreement with Shibui prevents them from being in advertising for one year, thus not pictured more)

and there you have it…my crew of amazing practitioners..was born.

After that…the name, the url, the website, the appointment booking, the landlord, the lease, the nugget, the logo, the insurance, the license..and more..

Then the fun stuff…ART..being framed…and figuring out the furniture and reception…(improvements coming soon).

now I am working on some more retail…essential oils, CBD balm, and I’d love to stock the shelves with my favorite trail snacks..(not currently available in Sisters..but soon to have a wholesale account for..fingers crossed..)

a fountain..

and more…more to contribute to your overall experience!