Costs of Care

Care prices 2019:

(please note that these are our time of service costs, cash prices paid at the time the service is received. Billed amounts through insurance or if not paid at the time of service, are higher due to administrative costs, software costs, calling India for your benefits, delayed payment, you get the story..)


60 minute massage: $85

75 minute massage: $105

90 minute massage: $120

Aroma touch add on to massage $20


60 minute micro current facial $110

90 minute micro current facial $140

Facial packages:

5×60 minutes: $500

5×90 minutes: $650

Acupuncture: Kevin Pett

Acupuncture treatments 60 min           $105

New patient evaluation and Tx            $155

Consultations 30 minutes                     $50

Consultations 60 minutes                     $100

Phone consultations available

Insurance:  In network with Pacific Source

Chiropractic Care: Sarah Conroy

One hour new patient appointment (history, exam plus adjustment/therapy) $135

30 minute Chiropractic appointment (heat, adjustment, therapy) $75

Insurance: In network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, First Choice: St. Charles, Providence/Aetna (until the end of 2019), personal injury insurance related to motor vehicle crashes/injuries.

Non-participating provider with Medicare.