Dr. Sarah, the backstory



Many folks have asked…how this has come to be..?

so let me take you back in time a bit..

I moved to Portland Oregon in 1998 to attend chiropractic school at Western States Chiropractic College (now called the University of Western States). I earned my BA in Biology and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin- Madison (go Badgers)..and was ready to head back West for graduate school (lived in San Ramon, CA in the 80s..fond memories of the West)..

I attended Western States Chiropractic College and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic:2002. After working as a maternity relief doctor, vacation relief doctor, a brief time as an associate, AND after a European backpacking trip…I settled down in 2004 and purchased West Hills Chiropractic Clinic, 1070 NW Murray Rd, Portland OR 97229 (down the street from Nike World Headquarters..and near Hillsboro tech central).

(side note..in 2009 I full filled a dream, I’ll do again when my daughters are older…I went on a Medical Mission trip to the Andes of Peru…up high outside of Cusco where I was part of a team…bringing healthcare…to some of the world’s neediest (yet happiest) people) Beyond rewarding.


In 2014, after surviving the recession real estate market (2007 we purchased a 1910 craftsman in the Hawthorne district to remodel and flip…and then the crash..and detours..) we were able to sell our home, get out of debt, and move on to brighter things..However we did not want to jump into another mortgage situation in Portland and had a terrible time trying to find a rental with our 3 dogs and baby Mia. We decided to expand our search and since we have lots of friends in Bend from our rock climbing days..we decided to look there..and figure it out..well..again no luck getting a rental in Bend with the 3 beasties so we expanded our search and ended up renting a home on 20 acres in Mc Kenzie Canyon off of Holmes Road. Here we fell in love with Central Oregon…totally (our longer term plan was Ouray, CO..where we have a piece of dirt)..at least I did..and I asked my husband Gavin, Oregon native, if we could just stay here..and he said only if we can live in Camp Sherman. By this point we had already fallen in love with the Metolius Basin and him-fly fishing (the new climbing)..So we lucked out. There was a home for sale in Camp Sherman that we could afford, jumped on it, and moved in. That was 2014…the market was starting to change in Portland but not Central Oregon…yet..again lucky!

Since then, we have grown to love this wonderful Community. I volunteer on the Black Butte School’s budget committee, have been active in the BBS’s PTO, and taught Yoga at the Camp Sherman Community Hall for 4 years..Gavin is a board member on our Road District Committee and the Friends of the Metolius.

We have 2 daughters. Ayla (4) in preschool in Sisters, and Mia (9) at the Black Butte School.

Everyday, I am thankful that I live in paradise.



Anyways…we moved but still had to figure out work.

Year one I commuted back to Portland to see patients at West Hills..while pregnant with Ayla.

Year two I had an associate Chiropractor step in and see patients for me at West Hills..(Ayla was born). I joined a practice in Bend with Josh and Brandi Kuhn, classmates of mine, at High Desert Chiropractic.

Year Three Dr.Ann Griffen found out about me from a mutual friend, contacted me and asked me to join her at Bigfoot Wellness, Sisters OR..I took the leap and left Bend.

Year Four..Practicing at Bigfoot Wellness while still managing West Hills Chiropractic from afar (an employee run practice)

Year Five..I sold West Hills Chiropractic, decided to disband from Bigfoot Wellness, and sooner, rather than later  started Black Butte Chiropractic Acupuncture and Massage.


Long story short…I’ve been in practice 17 years…and for the first time…am not stepping into someone else’s practice either through purchases or agreement. For the first time, I’m getting to create what I’ve been wanting to create, from the ground up.. and I am very excited for this journey..