the name..Black Butte..what it means to me?



What’s in a name?


Why Black Butte?


When folks say Black Butte, some think of Black Butte Ranch…and while the Ranch is a beautiful place, the practice isn’t named after the Ranch.

The practice is named after the geological feature…that orients me daily, Black Butte.

When I moved to Camp Sherman in 2014, many of the locals told me that watching the Butte would become one of my favorite past times…and they were right. At first it was just this big mountain-like feature in the landscape. Overtime it’s become one of the major sources of awe in my daily life. Each day I wake up, make coffee (in the dark before the children awake) and I sit in my spot to watch…to watch the Butte reveal itself. Watching the light of the sunrise hit it, the variations of the clouds on it, will there be snow on top today? and the colors…the pinks and purples of the sunrises and the fleeting..but so awe inspiring if I can catch it and watch it for the next 30 soul will be better because of it.

Additionally Black Butte defines the landscape here, my home.

The Metolius river, another feature in the landscape that inspires my soul with it’s clarity, abundance, force, and grace, starts as a spring coming out of the base of Black Butte.

What more can I say…it’s a healing thing, it’s a place that speaks to me in a deep moving way. I place I go to connect with my higher self, my higher power.

I think it’s important for you to know where I go for inspiration and healing. So I, in turn, can turn my own healing, into your healing.

Thankfully, all of the practitioners in the space love the name too and have their own connection to the Butte, even if it’s just looking at it from our office windows.

On a side note, my daughter Mia hiked up Black Butte with her school yesterday. They do it every year. And my husband Gavin was on the recent Black Butte cupola restoration project. As you can see, it’s everywhere in our lives.

My plan is to fill the space with paintings, photographs, images of this beautiful feature.

(Artists please, consider hanging your art in our space..)

Inspire us…

heal us…


The trailhead is where the journey starts..