Life Coaching with Sarah. What is it? 2020 special

What is Life Coaching? How is it different than counseling?

Why is Dr. Sarah now offering life coaching?

Life coaching helps folks improve their relationships, careers, and day to day life. Through life coaching, goals become clarified and obstacles are overcome.

In Dr. Sarah’s words:

We will shed light on where you are suffering

by revealing old patterns

breaking those patterns

and creating new patterns that

liberate you.

If you experience these symptoms, life coaching might be right for you:

  • frequent irritability
  • high levels of stress and/or anxiety
  • inability to break bad habits
  • lack of fulfillment in your social life
  • persistent feeling of dissatisfaction at work
  • sense of blocked creativity.

How is Life coaching different than counseling/psychotherapy?

  • Life coaches do not treat mental health disorders. (As a licensed chiropractic physician, I am trained to recognize mental health disorders and refer out to licensed counselors as needed).
  • Life coaches focus on moving you forward with your future plans (psychotherapy typically focuses on resolving the past, childhood, etc.)
  • Life coaches come from a variety of backgrounds so it’s important to research who is a good fit for you. (As a chiropractic physician, as a licensed provider, I adhere to professional ethics and privacy laws).

“On my own journey through life, there have been times when psychotherapy was the best fit and other times when life coaching was the best fit. I don’t see these as competing with each other but rather complimenting each other.”- Sarah

Why is Dr. Sarah offering life coaching now?

I am offering life coaching now because I see a need. I’ve been in private practice, working with thousands of individuals over my 18 + year career as a chiropractic physician. Over the course of many sessions, I’ve counseled folks on wellness and on reducing physical, chemical, and emotional/mental stress. Now, more than ever, in 2020, the mental/emotional stress component is much greater. I am spending more patient care time coaching patients on how to live a nourishing, thriving life on their terms, despite the ongoing external chaos in our country and world.

Patients have asked me and I have listened.

My life coaching approach incorporates

my experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher

my experience as a chiropractic physician

and my experience living life.

Specifically I focus on:

  • career and leadership coaching for high achievers
  • family life coaching
  • wellness and health coaching,
  • life skills coaching
  • spiritual coaching

Benefits of life coaching:

  • better work/life balance
  • elimination of long held fears and anxieties
  • enhanced creativity
  • greater financial security
  • improved communication skills
  • more satisfying work life
  • stronger relationships with family and friends

Schedule your 2020 intro life coaching session at:

20 minutes for $20 (schedule HERE:

You’ve got nothing to loose. Plus, I don’t bite!

I look forward to working with you!

xo Sarah