Self Care 2021!!!! Get on the bandwagon. Change your life!

Self care is all the buzz these days and it’s here to stay. You are stronger, healthier and will perform better when you feel better, when you are taking care of you, yes you, first.

You need to have your own back first, yes first, before your spouse, before your kids, before your pets, parents and friends. You, yes, you first. We all need you to be strong, healthy, and performing your best.

When you take care of you by showing up for yourself first, you will have more love and capacity for others in your life and the ripple effect created has the power to change our lives, our communities, and our world.

So how will you show up, in self care mode?

Check out Sarah’s ideas here:

Here are some ways I sneak self care into my days.

  • nature/outdoor time (even a few minutes, breathing in and out) Goal: 60 minutes per day
  • exercise (goes with nature time for me, hike, bike, ski)
  • hot bath
  • foam roller/ stretch/yoga (even a few minutes) Goal: 30 minutes per day
  • meditation, quiet time, solo time (minimum 10 minutes). Goal: 30 minutes per day
  • staying hydrated, taking breaks to gulp down the water.
  • eating fruit, vegetables, and seeds (cleansing, clearing)
  • taking vitamins and herbs for immune system and anxiety control
  • resting, listening to an uplifting book or podcast
  • putting phone on airplane mode from 8pm-7am.
  • reducing or eliminating news consumption for a few days or more.
  • puppy or cat time, petting, purring, a few minutes goes a long way.
  • reading a book
  • talking with a friend on the phone.
  • ordering take out, taking a night off cooking.
  • face care, misting, moisturizing, stone massaging: Gua Sha especially after a full day of mask wearing.
  • decluttering my spaces
  • lighting a candle or diffusing essential oils.
  • journal writing, 5 things I appreciate about myself today, 5 things I’m grateful for today.
  • going to bed early

I sure hope that if you’ve fallen off the self care wagon for whatever good reason, you get yourself back on. The time is now. Taking better care of yourself starts today. Come see us if you need any help.- take good care, Sarah