If you aren’t moving, you aren’t fully living!

What moves you …to tears?

Move towards it.

Donate, contribute, give back.

A patient of mine walked in without her crutch, just cruising along down the hallway. Wow, I said, look at you! Three visits ago she was hobbling in, on a crutch after a bad fall on the ice. Motivated, she’s been you -tubing exercises, rolling out her  legs and back, staying positive when getting across the living room floor is the biggest goal of the day.

And here she is, just cruising in.

(my heart warms as I think, ahhh, this is why she knitted me a gaiter for my neck. )

This is why I do what I do.

To help someone regain their ability to move, to move freely in their body, unrestricted,  pain free, I’m helping give someone their life back. I’m helping give breath to their steps. I’m helping them experience joy.

Movement is Life



Donate, give back.

I read in the paper the other day about a Colorado couple, both paraplegics, that had their car stolen containing their adaptive skis inside.

They were begging, please keep the car, just return our skis, they are our life.

I deeply admire these folks. They inspire me. Honestly one of my greatest fears in life is loosing the ability to move, especially in the case of paraplegia or quadrapeligia. I don’t know if I would still have the will to live.

But this couple has it. They have this incredible will to live and move as fully as possible, given their state.

Their skis allow them to move, experiencing the mind expanding act of turning skis down a white powdery wonderland.

By the end of the article and video, I was crying.

I donated.

I hope they get back on their skis again soon.

Inspiring all of us to live life and move!