Gua Sha your face. You will LOVE how it feels.

Favorite Self Care Routine:

Gua Sha-ing my face.

Gua Whaaaaat?

After a patient pointed out my dark circles under my eyes (which the white mask accentuates so perfectly), I walked across the hall to Roam and asked Sarah Woods, “is there anything to do for these?”


For many of us, the darkness under the eyes is genetic. Even if mine is genetic, the darkness appears worse, darker than before. Is this age? Inflammation? dehydration? perhaps a combo.

Sarah said “you’d probably really like Gua Sha for your face”

“hmm” I say, “really?”

I’ve worked with massage therapists that use a Gua Sha stone to break up myofascial adhesions (scars). While the scraping technique is therapeutic, it can be intense and uncomfortable, leaving me bruised like after a cupping session.

Sarah says “no, it’s similar, but the point of using Gua Sha massage on the face is lymphatic. Gently moving the lymph off the face, down the neck, to drain.

Hmm, curious.

So I get one, a Gua Sha stone designed and cut with curves to fit my face.

I start using it. Mostly forgetting in the morning when my lymph is most stagnant, my eyes most puffy, and darkness looms.

But never forgetting when I finally put my feet up at the end of the day. Laying there, using the Gua Sha stone to massage my face, I can feel myself relax. I especially like when the stone is cold. So therapeutic and relaxing.

So if you are like me, wearing a mask all day for work, feeling the mask when it’s not even on, feeling congested and inflamed in your face, go see Sarah Woods at Roam and get yourself a stone.

Gua Sha stones range in price but start around $25-$40.

You can also use the stone to massage your neck, head, jaw, etc.

If you want to add in a simple self care routine that’s easy and relaxing, get a stone.

Relax and get beautiful.


Cheers, Sarah


In Sisters: see Sarah Woods at ROAM natural skincare (our next door neighbor in the red brick building)