Metabolic Maintenance Restorative Cleanse starts March 17, 2021 with Dr. Sarah Conroy

Metabolic Maintenance Restorative Cleanse with Dr. Sarah Conroy

begins March 17, 2021.

I’ll admit. I’m not much of a cleanse person. In fact, I have done very few of them since the ones I’ve done tend to leave me in the bathroom longer than I want.

However, I really like this cleanse and want to offer it to you with some extra support.

Since I carry Metabolic Maintenance products at the office, a local Sisters company,  I decided to get their Restorative Cleanse.

I was looking for a cleanse to do right after Christmas as I was really struggling with sugar cravings. I was consuming way too much sugar once I realized I was eating bundt cake for breakfast.

I found this 3 week cleanse really easy to follow.

The shake each morning helped kick my sugar cravings and left me feeling satiated.

For lunch and dinner I followed a typical paleo meal with salad or cooked veggies and a protein.

The probiotics and pre fiber supplement helped with digestion and reducing gas.

I’ve decided to do this cleanse for myself again and would love for you to join me.

When: Starts Monday March 17,  2021

Cost: cost of Metabolic Restorative Cleanse kit. I will order for you when you sign up. Cost of the kit, including all supplements, workbooks and shaker cup is $165.

Includes: Weekly Zoom calls on Thursdays, March 18, 25 April 1., 26 at 2:30pm for 30 minutes.  We will discuss the week and answer questions, discuss recipes etc. Calls will be recorded and available for Cleanse participants during the 3 weeks.

To sign up, please email dr. Sarah Conroy with the work CLEANSE in the subject line

[email protected], by March 15th.

You can check out the products here:

Participation in group cleanse and extra support requires purchase of cleanse kit through Dr. Sarah Conroy at Black Butte Chiropractic.