Cleanse Day 1: set your intention, move your body, media detox

Metabolic Maintenance Detox Cleanse

Info before you start.

Have you had a chance to look through the reading material provided in the cleanse kit?

Inside the reading material you will find some smoothie recipes, a convenient card to take with you to grocery shop, foods to avoid, and the cleanse schedule.

The Self Care Journal is really well done. It’s a convenient size so I encourage you to carry this around with you to keep a record of how you’ve been feeling physically and emotionally throughout each day.

What’s your intention with the cleanse?

My intention is to study my sugar habit. I want to pay more attention to when I experience a craving and what my emotional state is at the time.

Eliminating sugar will be my number one intention. That means no alcohol, grains and  no dairy since these are processed as sugar in the body.

I’m curious if I will have more energy, more mental clarity, and less stiffness if I eliminate sugar in all of it’s forms for the next 2-3 weeks.

I will not be eliminating caffeine, as suggested. Will you? I will no longer add my cream to my coffee. It will be black. I will attempt to reduce my caffeine intake in the afternoon.

Here’s the deal. Make this cleanse be a success for you by participating in ways that don’t feel like deprivation.

What’s interesting to you about this cleanse?

I’m actually curious about how I will feel off of sugar. I am not so curious about how I will feel off of caffeine. Not sure why. Maybe for the next cleanse, I’ll get rid of that too.

For this cleanse my primary intention is understanding my sugar habit.

Your turn. What’s your primary intention?


Movement helps move our physical bodies but more importantly movement helps us process energy, our energy.

Think about movement as a tool during this cleanse. Feeling emotional about your food? Is the cleanse bringing up emotions, things from the past? That’s energy. Move it.

Consider adding in a morning and evening walk (30 min + each).

Schedule in sometime to stretch and to practice yoga.

News/Social Media detox?

Do you ever say you don’t have any time or energy for this or that?

I have and still do. A lot of the time it’s legit.

However a lot of the time I’m actively choosing activities that deplete me, like taking in the news and scrolling social media.

Will you join me in detoxing from media? Even just one week?

News is mostly negative and stimulates our fight or flight nervous system stress response. Social media is mostly the same.

It’s also addictive.

Are you addicted?

I didn’t think I was until I did a news detox last year. The news consumed a lot of time in my head way after it was turned off. Plus I kept checking back in to see if by some miracle the news got better.

Once I took control of the situation, it was liberating.

Steps to take: REMOVE

  • remove apps from smart phone, news apps, facebook, etc. (it’s easy to re-add them later.)
  • remove email from your phone. Check it from your laptop a few times a day instead of a few times an hour. (you can add it back in later)
  • remove news related podcasts from phone (again easy to re-add)
  • remove notifications from phone.
  • other places you get news: TV? Laptop connections, maybe limit to 5 minutes per day if you need to stay connected for work/life reasons.
  • It’s ok to read the nugget.


  • Add in a good book you’ve been wanting to read.
  • Add in an uplifting podcast . I really like On Being with Krista Tippett.
  • Add in movement
  • Add in a phone call or coffee date with a friend
  • Add in creativity: draw, finger paint, write, knit
  • Add in a drive to the desert or a hike on a new trail.

Remember that you are the greatest influencer on your life. What do you consume? What influences you? Is it a positive or negative influence?


be well,  Sarah