Cleanse Day 11: new habits, nature grounding

Good morning!

How’s it going?

Are your new habits starting to become routine?

I’m noticing that I am just fine having black coffee.

I’m noticing that taking the time to eat cleaner is worth taking the time.

I’m noticing that I’m not grabbing items from Melvin’s to go case (cutting back on plastic too).

I’m noticing that if I feel hungry I will be ok until I can make a healthy choice. I can be with the sensation rather than eating out of convenience.

Are you noticing any habits change?

I’m also noticing that I’m ready for a new experience or something fresh. I’ve been creating space for this and I’m ready!

However I am not really sure what that new experience will be?

That’s what I am getting curious about this weekend.

What newness do I want to add in? What newness can I add in?

For me, I schedule in nature time. I go out and set the intention. I am ready to receive insights and inspirations. It’s amazing what the trail gives back to me.

Today we are off to ski as a family, this afternoon I’ll mountain bike in the warm sun (I hope). Tomorrow I’ll hike.

Trails, Trails Trails, 

Big sky. Sun. Water. 

Oxygen. Breathe it in. Take it.

Grounding into the lush green earth with every step. I’m ready to receive whatever brilliance nature gives me today.

What newness do I add in?

What do I have space for today?

Keep asking the questions 

and be ready to receive.

Have an amazing day!

Move your body. Spend time in nature. Enjoy this life.