Cleanse Day 21, rise and shine, celebrate

Rise and Shine!!

DAY 21


Congrats! Congrats for sticking with it when it got hard. Congrats for getting back on the wagon when triggered. Congrats for showing up and trying something new. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!

It’s huge. Monumental.

Just showing up.

Just saying yes.

Doing something for you!

You, amazing you!

I’ve really enjoyed doing this cleanse with you. I’ve done it solo before but knowing that others were doing it with me was a source of motivation and inspiration! Thank you!!!

As we move forward, ending our cleanses, have any new habits formed, ones you want to keep?

Remember the themes of the emails I sent out. Know that these tools are there for you, whenever, wherever.

  1. YOGA: use the magic 4 or have another mini sequence that you go to for 10 min of chill/reset/check in time.
  2. TOUCH: nourish your nervous system (senses) and calm down through connection with others (rather than food), hug, hold hands, get a massage, be in water
  3. NATURE: ask the big questions, receive insights/inspiration. Just be, breathe and receive.

Any other tools show up for you?

I hope this cleanse has helped you land firmly into Spring. Ready to see and appreciate all that is new inside and outside.

I’ll be sending out a few questions later this week, asking for some feedback on the cleanse. This was my first led cleanse and since I enjoyed doing it with you, I will offer it again, however I want to know more about what you liked, what you didn’t, and what you’d recommend I add in next time. I’d really love your feedback!

I will offer this cleanse as a group January 2022 (post New Years) and March 2022 (propel into Spring).

You can do the cleanse on your own anytime you choose. Just let me know and I’ll order a kit for you. I also have the protein powder/shake mix in stock at my office if you decide to continue on with the shake for breakfast. YUM!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Choose a way to celebrate!! Sarah