Curious which supplements your chiropractor takes?


Middle Age is proving how much I need them.

Recently I noticed how diligent I have been. I’ve been taking my supplements.

I even got out and dusted off an old vitamin organizer container, one of those ones when you slip your vitamins (of meds) in for each day of the week.

I know myself better than I ever have and I know that my life demands my full attention and my energy.

I also know that my energy is now a precious resource.

While I’ve been diligent at scheduling in more rest, I also must increase (or at the very least maintain) my capacity to function at a high level during my waking hours.

Work and parenting demand it and I want to participate.

Enter supplements and herbs.

You might be curious about what I take.

I’ll list it out below.

But first to plant the seed: what actions will you take today to improve your life 10 years from now?

Commit today to help your next decade.

What actions can I take today to improve the way I function in my 50s and 60s?

What actions can I take today to improve the way I function in my 80s?

Consistently taking high quality supplements today will help your body and mind tomorrow.

Below is a list of what I take most days (Metabolic Maintenance products unless otherwise noted)

Curcumin+ C: daily

Anxiety Control:daily

Vitamin B Complex: daily

Acute Immune: daily

Vitamin C: post intense exercise

Detox Cleanse protein powder : daily

Cordyceps: through Dr. Kevin

Chinese Herbs: through Dr. Kevin.

Truth: We want to continue to perform as we age. If you want to continue to perform at the same capacity or greater, you must get serious about supplements. We cannot escape the aging process. We can shape it and redefine it.  We can age AND still be sharp, functional, able, and capable. Yes, we can still perform.

Be well

and make good choices for your one and only body,

Dr. Sarah


We carry these products in our office. Just ask.