Movement is Life …

and I help folks move better to they can experience more life!

I’ve been a chiropractor since 2002. I owned a practice in Portland on NW Murray Blvd., before I started practicing in Sisters in 2016.  I have seen lots of patients and over the course of all these years, basically I have come to the following conclusions.

I help people move better through chiropractic care.

The techniques I implement, improve the communication between the brain and the nerves (your nervous system) so muscles can contract stronger and your brain has a clear idea of where your joints are in space. This is known as proprioception and when your proprioception is functioning well you recover faster from injuries. You also incur less injuries since you fall less (and be less clumsy).

I do this through the chiropractic adjustment, applying a force to the spine (often times it doesn’t take much force…less that we realize)  in order to get a specific vertebrae to move better. When the vertebrae moves better, you move better, your muscles are less tense and tight, and your nerves are able to communicate better with your brain.

Additionally I work with your muscles through massage, manual therapy, and stretching techniques. As a trained yoga teacher and as a lifelong athlete, I also help you move better after your adjustments through home care exercises.  I often times give advice on exercises to do in the gym or will refer you to one of the excellent personal trainers in Sisters.

The secret to aging well is movement. Keeping the muscles functioning well, helps the spine to move better, and improves the communication of the nervous system. It’s the best anti-aging product out there. If you’re moving well, you’re also likely to have a healthy heart, a healthy (non-stressed) mind, a well functioning immune system, more social relationships and more positive side effects.

Lack of movement = sickness (physically, mentally, and emotionally).

Basically, if you’re moving well, you’re living your life well!

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Dr. Sarah

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