Classes & Schedule

Class Descriptions:

Power Vinyasa: Power Vinyasa is a dynamic and energetic flow sequence that is fast paced and builds heat in the body.  Designed to wake up your body, and mind, increase your heart rate, and maybe even make you sweat.  Expect an upbeat playlist and to leave class feeling invigorated.

Vinyasa:  Vinyasa Yoga connects movement to breathe.  Flowing from one posture to the next letting the breath be the guide.  Like Power Vinyasa, it is typically a faster paced class, that helps to stimulate the cardiovascular system.

Yoga Fusion: Learn a sequence of set poses and feel empowered improving your practice.  This class is the same sequence each week.  You’ll get to focus on breath and experience the mediative magic of combing breath with movement.  Especially great for people who enjoy structure, and for beginners looking to become familiar with the same poses.  

Vin/Yin:  This hybrid style Vinyasa and Yin Yoga class starts by warming up the body with a vinyasa style flow (expect to build some heat) the second half of the class is spent in long yin holds with props for support, guided meditation and deep relaxation.  

Pilates: Pilates mat work is a dynamic workout that emphasizes pelvic floor and shoulder girdle strength, core engagement, spinal flexibility within a complete range of motion, and breath control.  

Unwind: This evening yoga class is a mellow and intentional practice to release tension in the body and nervous system.  Stretch, flow, breathe and unwind from your day. 

Yoga For Healthy Aging: Yoga For Healthy Aging os designed to help regain and maintain strength, flexibility, balance, agility and to manage stress. These classes allow you to gently challenge yourself, while tuning in and honoring your body.  Modifications and props will be offered throughout class.