Iyengar Yoga now at Black Butte Chiropractic, Fridays 9am-10am, class begins May 27.

Bridge to Iyengar Yoga begins Friday May 27th at 9am

This course is open to anyone who would like to explore a practice that promotes mindfulness in movement, a broader understanding of the big and small actions required in poses and how basic poses prepare for and complement other poses. The art of Iyengar sequencing will develop stability, stamina and increased flexibility while cultivating awareness and skillful performance by learning correct alignment in each pose. All yoga backgrounds are welcome as are total beginners.

Nadine Sims is a C.I.Y.T.* teaching in Central Oregon since 1998. Students love the Iyengar method for its clarity, depth and adaptability to individual needs. Nadine knows it is an excellent method for adults through the use of props and attention to correct alignment. She loves helping students improve not only in strength and flexibility but stability and mindfulness. Nadine views yoga as both a physical and spiritual journey and her classes are progressive learning experiences.  www.yogaofbend.com           *Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher ©

To sign up: download the Mind Body app (free ) to your phone, and find us Black Butte Chiropractic under classes located in Sisters, Oregon.

Or on your desktop go to www.mindbodyonline.com and click Get the App, click Book Classes, click Sisters Oregon and you will find our schedule and classes.

Just bring your yoga mat and we will provide the rest.